Saturday, May 28, 2011

"I Did the Grid" - My new Memorial Day Tradition

This morning, "I Did The Grid".   This was a 4 mile race that was organized a few years ago in honor of a fallen soldier who was killed in combat while in Iraq, Cpl. Chris Scherer.  The race is held in Chris' hometown of East Northport, NY and is directed by his parents.  Through this race they raise funds for a scholorship in their sons honor as well as funds for other fallen and wounded soldiers who bravely fought to defend this country.

The race course is 4 miles of which there are over 20 turns thru a local community "the grid".  The things i really enjoyed the most about the race today:

1) Getting to run with a very good friend of mine, Dawn.  Today was her first time running in a race!
2) Knowing I was running in honor of true heroes!
3) The AWESOME community!  Kids and adults lining the streets of the community either to offer water, a splash, sprays from hoses, or even just words of encouragement.
5) Seeing member of the armed forces running the race in full gear with their M-16's!
6) Coming down the finish chute lined on each side with vets holding our great flag!
7) Nice T-Shirt and cool Pint Glass for running!

Things I didnt like about the race today:

1) The humidity!  It was unbearable almost, the race started at 9:30AM and the sun was out full blast and  this was my first time dealing with humid conditions, I definitely didnt hydrate enough prior.  The gatorade in my handheld barely kept me thru the race, even with a cup of water i grabbed towards the end.

I didnt PR this race, finished at 1:03:11 , but Ill take it as the humidity was pretty bad, and a new experience for me.

Overall, this race was a great experience, and is now going to become a Memorial Day tradition for my friend Dawn and I.  As long as they continue to do this race, we will be there as well!

The Starting Line

True heroes welcoming us at the finish line

Here I Come!

Dawn and I after a grueling but fun 4 miles!

Awesome Pint Glass!

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