Saturday, May 21, 2011

Goodbye 300's, Hellooooo 200's!

I had set a goal for myself to reach the 200's by my birthday (June 11th).  Well today I reached that goal with a few weeks to spare!  Stepped on the scale and weighed in today at 299.4!!!!  Wooohooo!!

I honestly dont remember the last time I was in the 200's, most likely it was at some point in High School because I was already over 300lbs when I went to college.

To date I have lost 177 lbs, and I already have my eyes set on the next goal...

By the end of the summer I hope to be down 200 lbs!!!!

Thanx for everyones support including my family, friends, and those of you following my journey.


  1. I read that wrong at first I thought you said you wanted to be under 200 pounds by the end of the summer and was going to call you crazy for trying to do too much too fast. Then I realized you mean 200 pounds total loss and that is totally doable as that's just another 27 pounds.

    Congrats in no time you will have me beat as I am only down 213 pounds and am not sure how much more I have to lose.

  2. Patrick... ONLY 213 lbs?????? they dont belong in the same sentence!

  3. Nice job Gary! You were inspired today and you continue to inspire others. Keep up the good work.