Wednesday, June 1, 2011

National Run Day

Today is National Run Day!!!!

Unfortunately, today I'm feeling a bit under the weather and unable to run :(

However, that doesn't mean I cant do SOMETHING to honor the day!

Today I put up a Giveaway on my site!  I will be giving away a Walk It with Walgreens Kit which includes a Pedometer, Walking Journal, and Drawstring Pouch.

Why give away a Walking kit for Run Day???  Well for me it all started with walking!!!  Even today I still incorporate plenty of walking in my runs..  I truly believe that for me to get started in running, I needed to know that I could walk a distance comfortably.  Also getting out there and walking is a great way to exercise!

So be sure to visit my site, check under the FREE STUFF tab for more details!

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