Monday, May 9, 2011

Run Across America with Dean Karnazes

Just got home from my run with Dean Karnazes.

Got to the beach at around 6:30 and waited until about 7:30 for Dean to arrive.  He came and gave us a pep talk before the run, sounded off the bullhorn and we were off!

After about 1/4 mile in (glad i didnt have my ipod on) I heard Dean coming up behind me with some people.  He jogged at my pace for a few moments, and we talked!  He remembered me because I had posted on his facebook page which he had responded to.  He told me he was inspired by ME...  DEAN, isnpired by ME!  And when he asked how much weight I lost, and i told him 171 lbs, his mouth dropped and said that was a lot more then he weighed!! He told me never to give up, and to finish strong!  He then proceeded to leave me in the dust!!

I was hoping to see him at the finish, but by that point they already whsiked him off (more to come about that soon)  I DID however have the lady doing the PR stuff call me over to the mic after i finished, and she asked me about my site, and about my story, and the crowd applauded me, I cant even describe how that made me feel.  I had people come up to me and asking me about my story and about how I got started.  Amazing..

I then got to meet Dean's parents, who actually came up to ME, and they were great people, so glad I got to meet them.

So I then find out that he was whisked away because he was going to a local Walgreens for a book signing/1 mile walk.

We got there about 20 minutes before Dean got there, and then he took to the podium to talk about his journey across America.  During his speech, he said "inspiration goes 2 ways"  he mentioned how he learned about so many different stories on his journey that keep him inspired and then singled me out!  He told everyone about how this morning during the run who had lost 170lbs and has a goal to run in the marathon!  

I then got my book and race bib signed by Dean and went on the 1 mile walk with him.

As far as the 5K run, it was an untimed fun run, and I was so caught up in everything, i never bothered recording it on the Nike GPS, but a rough estimate would have me finishing around 44-45 minutes.

Today is a day I will never forget, and will have this story to tell for the rest of my life.  And for all the people who dont like Dean, I say this, Meet the Man, talk to him, Dean is one of the most down to earth and friendly "celebrities" I have met.  

Thanx for reading this! This day meant a LOT to me, and will carry these memories all the way into the NYC Marathon!


  1. Wow - what a great day for you! I'm glad that you got some recognition, because what you're doing is simply amazing. I love reading how you progress and improve. You may not be the fastest, but there are few individuals who love this journey, and who savor the little victories, as much as you. Congratulations!

  2. Thanx so much Krista, I truly do love being on this journey, and I look forward to the future! Thanx for your support!