Friday, May 20, 2011

Small Changes

A fellow Weight Watcher reminded me this morning of something very important, and a helpful reminder for anyone looking to lose weight or improve their health.

When starting out, whether it be to lose 20 or 200 lbs, or to run a 5K or greater, you may seem to think that you will need to adapt some sort of BIG CHANGE in your life in order to attain that goal.

I can say without a doubt, that in order to get where I am now, it didn't involve any BIG changes, but rather a LOT of small changes!

To get to where I'm at now, down 175 lbs, was to take small gradual steps to improve my overall lifestyle.  Gradually learning how to change my eating habits, not by STARVING myself, but learning its OK to enjoy food, but to not let the food control me.  Learning that its not eliminating the foods I like from my diet, but just eating less of it.

To get where I'm at now as far as running, I didn't just get off the couch one day and start running 5K's.  That's whats so great about the C25K program, and I highly suggest it to anyone thinking of running for the first time.  When doing the C25K, you start off gradually, and build up the endurance to run a 5K.  Again, no BIG change, just several SMALL changes to attain your goal.

So just remember, there is nothing wrong with thinking BIG when it comes to setting goals for yourself, but just keep in mind that rather than needing to make any BIG changes, its just gonna take many SMALL changes to attain those goals!


  1. Thanks for the reminder Gary :)

  2. Great post Gary and you are absolutely right. Dream BIG but then establish small benchmarks/steps along the way to meet and evaluate your progress. Otherwise, the BIG may seem impossible. I am also a firm believer in rewarding yourself for accomplishments along the way. For example, after a really good training week or x amount of miles I treat myself to some new tunes! And for my big races, I allow myself to indulge every now and then at the EXPO and buy something for myself. We all work hard to get to that point....we deserve to celebrate!

    You are an inspiration to many and I am glad you are sharing your story. Keep it up!

  3. Good stuff man..
    Small steps add up to BIG results!