Sunday, May 22, 2011

Walk It Challenge.... Then and Now!

This morning was the Walk It Challenge.  This is a 5K event that Weight Watchers promotes annually to try and get their members motivated to complete a 5K, many for whom is their first time moving this distance.

Last year I participated in this event after being on Weight Watchers for about a year.  At that point I was down about 80 lbs and around 400lbs.  I was able to complete the 5K, but it wasnt easy, and i had never walked that far in a very long time.  When I finished it, i felt a sense of accomplishment, and a glimpse of what the future may hold for me.  Maybe there was more for me out there then being just a couch potato.  Maybe i actually enjoyed being active?????

Since that Walk It Challenge in June 2010, I strived to keep building on the glimpse of the future that I had.      I started walking more and being it was the summer, I swam a lot more, played tennis, whatever it was, I kept myself ACTIVE.

Fast forward a year, today I got to the Walk It Challenge a different person from last years event.  I was 100lbs lighter and no longer did 5K seem a daunting task.  5K is something ive done several times, and have done it running!

But it wasnt just about ME, I was joined by another of my most cherished support groups, my friends from the Weight Watchers meetings.  These are the people who every Saturday are there to cheer me on and help me celebrate, who help me with some great advice, and are there to help me when I didnt have a great week.  I also met people who not only have touched me, but have come to ME and have told me how much I have touched THEIR lives in some way.

Yes today I completed 5K, running/jogging/walking, but it was the people I got to share the 3.1 miles with which meant the most to me, and make me remember that I am not on this journey alone, and as much sweat and tears I personally have put into where I am now, I also realize it wouldnt be possible without them either.

This blog entry is dedicated to my 9AM Saturday crew, rebels or not, I love you all and thank you for being there week after week, I look forward to many more celebrations with you!


  1. That's awesome! I walked my 5K Walk-It challenge today. I tried last year and only made it one mile. This year I finished! It took me two hours, but I also feel like a have a hopeful glimpse of a more active future! I'm at 374 and headed downward!

  2. French, that is awesome!!!! Great Job!!!!! Dont ever give up, it only gets better, trust me!!! Please keep in touch :)

  3. Such an accomplishment, isnt it? Congrats to both of you.