Saturday, May 21, 2011

I was inspired today!

Today I volunteered at the Brooklyn Half Marathon as part of my 9+1 fulfillment.  Honestly, even if it didnt count for anything, I wouldve been glad to have done it.

I was posted at the approach to the boardwalk in Coney Island,  right at the very end of the race.

Race started at 7:00 AM and at 8:04 the first runner came ZOOMING by, each step that runner took looked EFFORTLESS!  I was in total amazement that a human being is capable of such speed after running 12+ miles.

Soon after all the elite runners finished up their race is when I truly was inspired...  I saw men and women shooting for their personal record, some in pain, some looking like they could go another 13 miles easy!  I saw teenagers and I saw the elderly.  I saw a blind man being helped along.  I saw people of all shapes and sizes.

I cheered out loud for all of them, and I even got many thanks and high fives in return.  I was letting them all know the finish was near and that they could do it and to finish strong!

As much as these people may feel that they were thankful for ME, i was equally as thankful for THEM.  Watching and seeing everyone completing their journey of 13.1 miles today kept the fire inside of me burning.  Inspiring ME to keep on doing what I'm doing and I know that one day soon it will be ME completing that half marathon, and ultimately one day achieving my dream of the FULL marathon!

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  1. I love volunteering at races. I handed out medals at a local half a few years ago and the reactions were so varied! Some people were surprised they got a medal!