Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hangover 5K by poet611 at Garmin Connect - Details

Getting ready at the start

And We're off!

Approaching Mile 1, ran the whole first mile at just over 15 minutes

Going strong into the midway point

Waving hello as i turn into the last 3/4 mile

Finish Strong!

Post race with Runner's World forum buddy Carly and her friend

At home with my New Hoody

New PR! 49:19!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ugggggh, WINTER!!!!!!

So, its been a while since i made a post in my blog, and thats because there pretty much has been nothing new to post about.. Why???? Cause this winter has been HORRIBLE! Snow, Snow, Snow, ICE, and more SNOW!!!!

The race scheduled for 1/1 got postponed to 1/30, then postponed again until 2/27!

I learned my lesson, no more scheduling races in January!

So hopefully Ill get to run the 5K on 2/27,  next one after that has not been scheduled as of yet, but I may be running a 5K in Suffolk county on 3/27.

Im also thinking about trying my first 10K on 5/1 depending on how training goes.

As far as weightloss goes, Im currently down 137 total now!

Thanx for your support and following me on my journey!