Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Can You Eat That????

One of the things that people say to me, and probably to anyone who may be on a "diet" is, "Can You Eat That??"

I really get a kick out of it when people ask me this because I LOVE being able to respond, "well yes, I Can!"

What a lot of people dont realize that being on a "diet" or trying to lose weight is mostly in my experience, not WHAT you eat, its HOW much you eat..

Im not saying that you can go out and eat whatever you want, because that got me to be almost 500lbs.  What I am saying is that there is nothing wrong with going out and enjoying something once in a while as a treat.

One thing I would NEVER give up is Pizza. I still go out and have pizza for lunch/dinner.  Not all the time though, and when I do have pizza, im not eating half of a pie!

So basically, what Im trying to say is, if you are trying to lose weight dont be afraid to treat yourself with foods that you wouldnt normally consider eating on a "diet".  Rather treat them as well, a "treat" and have them once in a while in moderation. 

Losing weight to me is all about Moderation NOT Deprivation.

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  1. Right on! Life without cake (or pizza) would be a pretty poor life indeed. Great point to make.