Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What a difference a year makes! My one year Runniversary.

A year ago I started running by doing the c25k (couch to 5k) program.  I was 380 lbs at the time. I gave this a shot in order to prepare for my first 5k race which was on 11/14/10.

Here I am at my first race ever, 370lbs, 16:52 pace 

Almost a full year has passed from my first race,  I am now 246lbs and ran my first ever sub 10:00 mile (9:53) this past weekend at the 5th Ave Mile.  Im also gearing up for my first ever half marathon in less than 2 weeks.

So in a years time Ive lost 134lbs and dropped over 6 minutes from my pace. 

As happy as I am with the past year, I cant help but look forward to the coming year and what lies ahead!  Marathon training begins!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

5th Ave Mille - Run Your Best Mile!

Today was the 5th Ave Mile.  Its a 1 Mile dash down 5th Ave from 80th-60th.  Original forecast was for a rainy morning, fortunately no rain was to be seen!  My pace last Saturday at the 4 mile run was a new best of 12:00 miles, so for this 1 Mile dash my goal was 10:00 or better.

My heat, males 30-34 started at 10:15.  

I started out as fast as I could, which probably wasnt so smart considering I was sick with a head cold,  I started to feel dizzy about 1/4 mile in so I slowed it down a lil bit.

There were clocks at each 1/4 mile and I saw I was on pace for a 10:00 after the first couple.  I slowed down at the 1/2 mile marker for just about a couple seconds.  After that I felt a second wind and just gave it my all the rest of the mile.

As I came into the finish chute and to the finish line, i saw 10:00 and thought it would be close.  I checked my GPS watch and it said 10:00 on the dot.

Official result ----- 9:53!!!!! Wooohooo!!!!

Less than a year running, never did I think it possible to run a mile in under 10 minutes!  I am truly happy with the result!

2 Weeks to go till my big race, the Staten Island Half Marathon!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

500 LBS = Food for the Hungry!

Tonight, Weight Watchers as part of their Lose for Good campaign, donated $500 worth of food in honor of myself and another member to represent the 500lbs that together we have lost!

There will be a story done in the local paper, the Staten Island Advance as well as online at

The story is supposed to be run on October 3rd.

Below are some pictures from the photo shoot, taken by my wife Gail.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fitness: Mind, Body, Spirit 4 Mile Run - Bob Harper/Olivia Ward

This morning was the Fitness: Mind, Body, Spirit 4 mile run in Central Park.  This was number 6 of 9 for my 9+1 Entry for the NYC Marathon.

My last time running a 4 mile race my time was 54:44 with a 13:41 pace.  My goal for this race was to PR with 52:00-53:00 finish time.

Race was at 9:00 AM and we got to the park around 8:00 AM.  There was a pre-race festival area set up.  As my wife and I were looking at the different tents, something caught my wife's attention.

It was Biggest Loser's Bob Harper with season 11 winner Olivia Ward!  I took a moment to introduce myself to Bob and told him my story.  We had a nice discussion about weightloss, running, and he was a genuinely nice guy.

After talking with Bob, we met Olivia Ward, who won last season on the Biggest Loser, she was really nice as well and we had a nice chat!

At around 8:40 AM we headed over to the corrals.

The gun went off at 9:00 AM and we were OFF!

I was feeling good at the start, but I guess I was feeling better then I had thought!  Mile 1 was done in 11:43! 

During the 2nd Mile I started playing leapfrog with a guy wearing a neon yellow shirt.  He would get ahead of me, then id catch up and jump in front and vice versa, we did this for the next mile or so.   

Mile 2 - 11:37

I knew I was going faster than I had thought, so thought I should perhaps reserve some of my energy for the finish, and the guy in neon yellow I was leapfrogging I guess felt the same way cause we continued on thru the 3rd mile.

Mile 3 - 12:52

After we passed the 3rd mile marker, i caught up to the guy in neon yellow, told him was nice running with him, gave him a high 5, and said have a great run, then I was off to the finish!  On the way to finish line I saw my friend Gal on the side, gave him a high 5, and that was all I needed for that last boost to the finish!

Mile 4 - 11:47

Finish time - 48:03
Pace - 12:01