Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wall Street Run - Part 2

First Mile took us right past Ground Zero which i took a short walk break to salute and say a prayer. We then turned into the financial district, first mile marker was right before Wall Street, clocked in around 14:30.  Second mile was mostly winding thru the streets eventually getting to Water Street, clocked in around 30:00.  Final Mile took us past the Staten Island Ferry, and Battery park, final stretch running up the Hudson River.  

I definitely wasnt looking to PR this course because of a few reasons:

1) I was really enjoying the course
2) Although traffic was closed off, pedestrians werent, and had to weave around people crossing the streets at several spots (including a pregnant lady who almost got trampled!)
3) Potholes!  Yes, the streets of downtown manhattan suck bad, and the potholes can be dangerous, so was careful to avoid them!

Official finish time was 46:19

Im so glad I got to run this race, this was definitely my favorite one so far!  As a native New Yorker, it really was a profound feeling for me to be running thru the streets of downtown Manhattan.  I kept thinking back to when I was almost 500 lbs, and even passed the building I used to work at, and I would remember how much of a laborous task it was to go for a walk 2 blocks during my lunch break!

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