Saturday, June 11, 2011

Birthday, Time for Reflections and Appreciation

Today is my "official" birthday!  Like I say on my site, I was born on June 11, 1977, but I consider May 9, 2009 my birthday.   That day is the day I decided to take charge of my life and do something about my health and fitness, the day I actually finally decided to LIVE my life.

So what better way to celebrate my "official" birthday than to go out for a run at 6AM this morning.  The 4 miles I ran this morning was spent reflecting back on my life and how far Ive come in just 2 years!

I just really wanted to take the time out today to just let you know that all the hard work and accomplishments Ive achieved over the past 2 years wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for my awesome support system.

I want to thank first and foremost my wonderful and might i add BEAUTIFUL wife Gail.  I sometimes feel bad that my accomplishments over shadow hers, and I want everyone to know how proud I am of her.  Gail has lost over 50lbs and is now on Lifetime with Weight Watchers since she has reached goal and is now maintaining her weight.  Having her do this with me, and being at all of my races has been so important to me, and just another reason why my love for her will always outweigh anything a scale will say!!

Secondly, my family and close friends..  They are without a doubt a critical part of my success. They are with me to cheer me on during my proud times, and there to help lift me up when I'm down.  I am blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.

Finally, all of you who are following me here on my blog, or on facebook and twitter.  Even though I will probably never meet most of you in person,  you truly touch my heart with your words of encouragement and support.  When I read about those of you whom I have touched in someway or have inspired to become healthier and more active, it just really makes me feel even more fulfilled.  I have truly finally found my calling by doing this.  I hope to one day be able to inspire as many people as I can.  If I can help other people get more fit and healthy, I will feel as if I had done something meaningful with my life, and that you certainly cant put a price on, its priceless!

Again, thank you for your continued support, I look forward to celebrating many more years of successes with you all!


  1. Happy birthday!!

    And congrats to your wife for her weight loss as well. :)

  2. Happy Birthday! I continue to be amazed and awed by your progress. VERY inspiring!

  3. I just found your blog when I noticed you commented on one of my friends updates on MFP. I guess you can say my new birthday is 8/17/09. That was the day I decided I was done with being fat and watching others live life while I sat on the sidelines.

    Since that day I have lost 77 pounds and I'm a runner, too! I have always liked exercise and am not against sweating AT ALL. (Even after losing the weight I STILL sweat profusely!) I started out with Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Weight DVDs and then I started going to the track. I'd walk a little, then jog a little. I worked on that for a while and then I found The Couch to 5k program on FB. LOVED IT!

    So, I now have 4 5ks under my belt (my husband and I just did the Damon Runyon 5k for Cancer Research at Yankee Stadium on 8/7 and it was AMAZING!!). I have one more on 9/10 and then I have my first 10k ever on 9/17!

    I just started my own blog here, Frickin' fabulous at 40, chronicling my runs and journey through life. I follow Slim Katie's blog, also- runs for cookies. Funny stuff! I love everyone's stories- they inspire me and keep me going when things are tough. It's nice to know we're all not alone!!!