Sunday, July 31, 2011

Demolition Day aka Founders 5K

Yesterday was the Founders 5K in Prospect Park.  This was my first time racing in my hometown of Brooklyn, NY!  My prior PR for the 5K distance was 49:19.  It had been a while since I ran a 5K, so I was shooting for a sub 44:00 finish time.

Before the race at the Start

The first mile felt really good, I decided to ditch my usual intervals and just run and take short walk breaks as I felt necessary.  When I got to the Mile 1 marker I almost did a double take, 12:25??  My fastest mile EVER!

The second mile was the hardest of the run because there was a really big hill that I wasn't expecting.  This hill had a LONG and STEADY incline that just never seemed to end.  I asked the guy at the 2nd mile marker when the hill was gonna end, he didn't sound like he knew so wasn't very encouraged!  I wound up finishing mile 2 in 14:29.

The 3rd mile wasn't too bad, but I knew the hill during the 2nd mile took a lot out of me, but I had enough energy reserved to make sure I finished strong.  3rd Mile time 13:42.

Official finish time was 41:33!!!   DEMOLISHED my prior PR and my goal of 44:00!!!

I went to my Weight Watchers meeting when we got back, and figured Id kick the scale's ass too while I was at it.   Down another 1.4lbs, bringing my total weight lost total to 205!! 

Here I am wearing a jacket I bought in size LARGE!!  My first time wearing anything without an X in front of it in 20+ years!!


  1. Congratulations on another weekend of milestones! My personal milestone was my half marathon training long run...6.5 miles in 1:25. Was shooting for under 1:20 at 6.2 but missed it by 44 seconds. First 10K is in 2 excited now that I know I can wog that distance!!

  2. Sweet- big pr in the 5K and the mile in the same race. Sub 40 min 5K is right around the corner> Kudos

  3. @ TX - Thanx! Nice job on the 6.5!! Thats my personal longest so far, took me 1:35, but that was a few months ago, havent tried that distance again since, plus i did it on a track of all places, YUCK!

    @ Matt - Thanx! Looking forward to that sub 40:00 for sure!

  4. Congrats on smashing your PR!!

    And congrats on the weight loss too. you are doing excellent.