Monday, August 8, 2011

A Thoughtful and Appreciated Gift!

This past weekend I received an e-mail from a fan of the site, Julie Fulmer.  She wrote me the following poem, which when I read for the first time, it sent chills down my spine.  It really is filled with a lot of emotions, and I really appreciated this most wonderful gift.  Julie gave me her blessings to share it with you here on my blog.  I hope you all enjoy it and appreciate it as much as I do!  Thanx Again Julie!!

Why do I do it? Get up and do my daily run?
Do I do it because I like it, or think it is fun?
No way, my dearest friend! You got it all wrong,
I run because I have to. And I'm getting strong!

I'm achy and I'm sweaty , just running on guts.
My muscles are twitching and I wanna throw up.
My body ïs in hell, but I'm gonna beat my time.
I will not stop until I cross that finish line!

Up in the morning, before my neighbors wake,
Been running half a mile, before the bakers bake.
Rubbing achy muscles, think I have arthritis.
My hamstrings really ache, maybe I've tendinitis,

You'll be hanging with friends or reading your books,
I'll be stretching and running, just me in my Brooks.
I'm used to the pain, getting up before dawn.
My mind is focused on The NY Marathon.

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