Friday, November 11, 2011

Saying Goodbye to an old friend of mine.....

So last night I had to make a choice...   I had to choose to part ways with a very old friend of mine...  This friend I had leaned on as a crutch time and time again...  This friend would always be there for me whenever something tough or challenging came my way..  This friend of mine was called "I CANT".....

November 10, 2011

My friend Ann, who this past Sunday completed the NYC Marathon (her first ever marathon), convinced me to join her at BOOT CAMP!!!!   I was very hesitant at first because in my head rested my old dear friend "I Cant". 

We arrived at Parisi Speed School @ around 7:30.  Ann introduced me to two of the trainers at the school and had a chance to let them know a little about myself and I immediately felt a little more comfortable.

The class started at about 8:00 PM and we started with "warm-ups".  Well this wasn't the sorta "warm-up" I had grown accustomed to.  I was on the floor, off the floor, jumping, stretching, lifting, bending and at a very fast pace.   This went on for about 15-20 minutes at which time we were given a very generous 2 minute water break.

We then moved into the weight training portion of the class.  We were partnered off, and was with my friend Ann.   We were doing sets of 20 reps of lunges, squats and bicep/tricep curls.  Ann was a big help because my posture pretty much was awful, but she helped keep me straight and aligned..  And when i had problems doing the lunges and squats, I started to hear my old dear friend "I Can't" calling my name.  Good thing I chose not to listen to him, but instead, listened to my friend Ann who said You CAN!

At around 9:00 PM at the end of class for "cool-down's" we did 5 sets of sprints.  Which I really enjoyed, cause I got to run!  But the best part was, I was moving FAST, I felt the wind at my back and the cool breeze against my face, which was comforting because I had never sweat that much in an hour before!

So, as Ann and I left the class, and walked out the doors to the car I made a choice right there and then.  My old dear friend "I Can't" was left back at the school.  Never again will I need him!  No more excuses for me, none!  There will never be an "I Can't"  instead, its time for me to focus on what I CAN do! 


  1. Good for you! My motto when things have become difficult during a run is "Do it for those who TRULY can't." I run for my mom and dad who have had major health problems this year. I think about what they've been through and my being uncomfortable on a run can't compare.

  2. LOVE this blog post and I promise things from here on out will be easier without your old friend!