Sunday, November 13, 2011

Back to Where it All Started!!

This time last year, I ran my first ever race, the Garden State Plaza 5K in Paramus, New Jersey.

Finishing the run in 2010 at 52:17
It was only fitting that after a year of running that I return back to the same course, and get my revenge on the 52:17 finish time!

I came into todays race with 1 single goal....  RUN THE ENTIRE 5K, NO WALK BREAKS!

My friends/coaches Ann and Coop had suggested for me this year to focus on my two target races in 2012, my half marathon in May, and the NYC Marathon in November.  Every other race Im to run this year is to work on my endurance and to be able to run the distances with little to no walk breaks.

The 5K course is basically 2 times around the Garden State Plaza mall parking lot.  What I considered hilly last year is actually as flat of a course as you will get, lol!  The temps were in the 40's and the skies were clear.  

Before the race I met up with my friend Anthony, who ran this race with me last year as well.  And I also met up with a friend from, Tom.

Anthony, me, Tom
All set and ready to go!
The race started at 8:45AM, and the field of 300 runners were on their way!  I originally thought maybe Id run with my friend Tom from MFP, he said he wanted to finish in around 32-33 minutes, well when he started off running at a 9:30ish pace, I decided to back off from him, because I didnt want to go out too fast and not be able to meet my goal of running the entire 5K by getting tired too soon.

So I settled back a bit and got into a comfortable pace at around 10:30.  First couple miles went by without a hitch, felt good, kept a pretty even 10:30/11:00 pace.

Just past the 1 mile marker

When I got into the 3rd mile, this is when my brain started to convince me I was tired and that I should walk a bit, but no way was I about to start walking with less then a mile to go!!!  I actually got a little choked up fighting myself, knowing that I Can do this, just fight thru it for another mile and you can acheive your goal!

Coming into the homestretch, the girl to my right I had been on
her tail for most of the last mile, and I was determined to beat her!

I start to pull away

Left her in my dust!
I DID IT!!!! Ran the 5K from beginnign to end without a single walk break for the first time!!!!  Total Finish Time was 34:34 with an 11:09 pace, new PR as well!!

My splits were:  Mile 1 - 10:37, Mile 2 - 10:53, Mile 3 - 11:02

Tom, me, and Anthony Post-Race


  1. great job smashing last year's time!

  2. Great job!!! Very speedy and I love that you smoked that girl at the end.

  3. Great job! The difference between last year and this year is like night and day!

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  5. I said it before and I'll say it again. Awesome job!!! Sorry about going out too fast. I'm not used to pacing myself yet. I usually rely on my HRM to tell me to slow it down- oh and my legs feeling like jelly.

  6. Congrats! Great race! Excellent splits. I hope you did a happy dance.

  7. Awesome job, Gary!! Keep up the awesome work!