Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Doubleheader Weekend!

This weekend I ran not 1 but 2 races!!!  This would be the first time I attempted this, but felt confident in myself that I could do it...

Saturday I ran in the Somerset Turkey Trot 5K...  I signed up to do this race since my friend Amanda was running this, and this was her first ever race, so I HAD to be there!!  I had agreed from the get go that I would run the race with Amanda regardless of time.

Amanda and me before the race
It was a cool but sunny morning and the 5K course was basically a double out and back on the main road in the park.

Waiting for the race to start

On the way back from the first turnaround
Prior to the race, Amanda hadnt yet ran an entire 5K.  I myself only did it for the first time the weekend before.  However, Amanda was a rock star as usual, and everytime I asked if she was ok and needed a rest, she told me no and we kept going.  Even after grabbing some water, we just kept running.

Coming into the last 1/4 mile.. Note old dude, he was booking it!

Coming into the Finish:  Old Dude Still Booking it!!!

We did it!!!  Look at that champ smile!!!  Job Well Done!!
Amanda crossed the finish at 34:49, and I crossed right behind her at 34:50.  And now Amanda has officially caught the running bug, I warned her it was contagious!!  Her next race will be the Big Chill 5K @ Rutgers on December 10th!


Sunday I ran my 2nd race in 2 days, the NYRR Race to Deliver 4 Mile run in Central Park.  Originally I was supposed to pace a friend of mine and was not planning on running at a race pace.  However, my friend had business to take care of in Miami, so figured since I was running solo I may as well run my race and give it my all!!  I felt good, my legs felt good, the weather was PERFECT, so why not?!?!?!

Before the Race
Unlike I normally do, I waited till race day to pick up my Bib and T-Shirt.  This was a bad idea because I was actually running late due to the bus I was on taking forever!  Thankfully I was planning on meeting up with a friend of mine before the race.  My friend Patti, from, and I had planned on meeting up prior to the race, so I sent her a text and asked her if she could pick my stuff up for me, which she did.  Thanx Patti!

Me and Patti (sorry photographer caught you blinking)
The race followed the standard 4 Mile Course which I had grown accustomed to.  First mile up Cat Hill, 2nd mile up and around to the west side, 3rd mile includes the west side rolling hills (which I hate!), and last mile downhill mostly and into the 72nd st transverse.

I ran pretty much the whole first 2.5 miles without any issues, ran thru Cat Hill, passed engineers gate and gave Mr. Fred Lebow a salute, and stopped briefly a couple times during the west side hills.  I made up for lost time on the downhill.  Came in strong at the finish!

Last time on this course I ran in 48:03... This time out, NEW PR, 45:32!!!

You can see in the splits where the west side hills were, lol!

Crossing the Finish 
Post Race


  1. SO awesome! Great times! I want to run in Central Park in the worst way! Is the finish line in the same place as the NY Marathon or am I getting it confuse with the 5k the day before the marathon? I have to get my ass into the city and just run!

    P.S. I had an old man kick my ass in my first 5k. Goes to show you how you don't have to be young to be fit!

  2. Gary you rock! GO YOU!

  3. Way to go! Looks like a great run! I'm signed up for the $10 10K in South Brooklyn, Dec. 18th. Will you be there?