Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fitness: Mind, Body, Spirit 4 Mile Run - Bob Harper/Olivia Ward

This morning was the Fitness: Mind, Body, Spirit 4 mile run in Central Park.  This was number 6 of 9 for my 9+1 Entry for the NYC Marathon.

My last time running a 4 mile race my time was 54:44 with a 13:41 pace.  My goal for this race was to PR with 52:00-53:00 finish time.

Race was at 9:00 AM and we got to the park around 8:00 AM.  There was a pre-race festival area set up.  As my wife and I were looking at the different tents, something caught my wife's attention.

It was Biggest Loser's Bob Harper with season 11 winner Olivia Ward!  I took a moment to introduce myself to Bob and told him my story.  We had a nice discussion about weightloss, running, and he was a genuinely nice guy.

After talking with Bob, we met Olivia Ward, who won last season on the Biggest Loser, she was really nice as well and we had a nice chat!

At around 8:40 AM we headed over to the corrals.

The gun went off at 9:00 AM and we were OFF!

I was feeling good at the start, but I guess I was feeling better then I had thought!  Mile 1 was done in 11:43! 

During the 2nd Mile I started playing leapfrog with a guy wearing a neon yellow shirt.  He would get ahead of me, then id catch up and jump in front and vice versa, we did this for the next mile or so.   

Mile 2 - 11:37

I knew I was going faster than I had thought, so thought I should perhaps reserve some of my energy for the finish, and the guy in neon yellow I was leapfrogging I guess felt the same way cause we continued on thru the 3rd mile.

Mile 3 - 12:52

After we passed the 3rd mile marker, i caught up to the guy in neon yellow, told him was nice running with him, gave him a high 5, and said have a great run, then I was off to the finish!  On the way to finish line I saw my friend Gal on the side, gave him a high 5, and that was all I needed for that last boost to the finish!

Mile 4 - 11:47

Finish time - 48:03
Pace - 12:01



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