Saturday, September 24, 2011

5th Ave Mille - Run Your Best Mile!

Today was the 5th Ave Mile.  Its a 1 Mile dash down 5th Ave from 80th-60th.  Original forecast was for a rainy morning, fortunately no rain was to be seen!  My pace last Saturday at the 4 mile run was a new best of 12:00 miles, so for this 1 Mile dash my goal was 10:00 or better.

My heat, males 30-34 started at 10:15.  

I started out as fast as I could, which probably wasnt so smart considering I was sick with a head cold,  I started to feel dizzy about 1/4 mile in so I slowed it down a lil bit.

There were clocks at each 1/4 mile and I saw I was on pace for a 10:00 after the first couple.  I slowed down at the 1/2 mile marker for just about a couple seconds.  After that I felt a second wind and just gave it my all the rest of the mile.

As I came into the finish chute and to the finish line, i saw 10:00 and thought it would be close.  I checked my GPS watch and it said 10:00 on the dot.

Official result ----- 9:53!!!!! Wooohooo!!!!

Less than a year running, never did I think it possible to run a mile in under 10 minutes!  I am truly happy with the result!

2 Weeks to go till my big race, the Staten Island Half Marathon!


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  2. Way to go Gary!! 9.53 that's frelling awesome! You are such and inspiration and I can't wait to get into better shape and run more. I know it can be done because of you and now if I could just get this information from my eyes to my shins to tell them to pick up the slack I could get moving faster ;) LOL

    Congrats Gary!


    (argh frustrating took me 30 minutes to get this comment posted thanks to IE not playing nice here LOL)

  3. Thanx Dave! You can certainly do it... little bit at a time, and you will get there!!

  4. That is awesome! Congratulations! I need to find myself a run in the city. I want to run the Brooklyn Bridge and in Central Park, so maybe next year! I was in your neck of the woods yesterday- drove over the Verrazano to get my son to his karate tournament in Bayonne!