Sunday, August 21, 2011

13.1 or Bust! Half Marathon Training Update!

First off, Id like to apologize for not blogging as much as usual.  The main reason for the lack of blogging is that I really find myself with little to no free time most days :(

Today I've completed week 5/12 of my training plan.  I'm actually ahead of the plans scheduled miles.  For this week, the long run called for 6 miles, I finished my first ever 8 Mile run!  The reason im getting ahead of the plan is because the plan only has me getting to 10 miles the week before the race.  I would feel a lot more comfortable to be at least up to 12/12.5 the week before the half.  So I'm currently on target to be at 10 miles by labor day with a month to go before the half to work on my pace at the distance.

My 8 mile run went well today.  It was a slow 2:05 total time with about a 15:30 minute pace.  I definitely didnt push myself too hard during this run because I didnt get enough rest and woke up tired, and I also wasnt feeling that great.  So in order to make sure I hit the distance, i took an easier pace.  The course I took was also very hilly.  Overall,  I was just excited to hit the 8 miles and I'm looking forward to upping that to 9 next week.

I've also picked up  a new pair of shoes, hopefully these will get me thru my first half and well into marathon training next year :)

These are my new Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11's Limited Edition

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  1. Good plan on trying to get as close to 13.1 as you can before the half. Jeff Galloway says the "wall" is the length of your longest run so the closest to goal distance as possible before your half is a good thing. Under his plan, I should be able to run (hopefully) 14 miles the 2 weeks before my half on October 23!


  2. I know why you're not blogging- you're on MFP so much! I just want to say I am in AWE of your 8 mile run today. I ran 6 miles last week in traing for my 10k on 9/17. I plan to move on to a half next year and one day (SIGH) a marathon. I would love to run the NYC marathon, but it's like pretty impossible to get in, right?


  3. I went up to 12.1 for my first half marathon. Physically I could have stopped at 10 and been fine (you could too) but mentally I had to go to 12.1. I wanted the first time I ran 13.1 to be the race.

    Great job today!

  4. @ Fricken, yep, im an MFP addict! But at work i only have a couple minutes at a time to do anything, so its hard to focus on a blog entry usually, I like to do the blog when Im home.