Monday, November 1, 2010

The journey...

            This is a journey that started in May 2009 at almost 500 lbs.                                                                                      

Today I am down 113 lbs as of 11/1/10.

My weightloss journey has been going on for roughly 18 months and still have quite a bit to go, but that gives me time to focus on my new found passion... RUNNING!

When did I ever think Id want to run (besides to the closest fast food joint)?  NEVER
Not only am I now running, but I am getting ready for my first official 5K race in less than 2 weeks!

1 comment:

  1. Great job on your progress!!
    I am following the bunnytrail over from the runner's world forums. I have been running since July and I am hooked! you can check out my blog at
    My friend has a GREAT weight loss blog at
    Actually I say 'friend' but I only know him from runners world and Daily Mile. He's lost an incredible amount of weight in 1 year! Best of luck to you and I will be following your journey!